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From time to time people tell me they are concerned about the dryness of their skin, often accompanied by the comment "I really should 'moisturise' more often"....which actually is a bit of a bug bear of mine. Why? Well it depends on what the word moisturise means to you.  Because to most people moisture is associated with water, and if they moisturise their skin it will be more 'hydrated' or less dry, right?


A definition of hydrate means "to cause to absorb water".  The phrase 'a powerful moisturiser that hydrates the skin for up to twelve hours' is used by one dictionary as an example of the verb in action.  How can this be correct though when one of the functions of the skin is to act as a waterproof barrier?  We don't melt in the rain (or bath or shower) thanks to our skin....WE ARE NOT SUGAR MICE!

The only way you are going to get more water into your skin is if you ingest it...fact!  Evidence based research has shown that even after "moisturising" the water content of the skin is no higher.  Now I've reminded you the skin is a waterproof barrier this shouldn't come as a shock.

I suggest they drink more fluids. This is often greeted indifferently and usually with a statement along the lines of

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